Designing art-fueled projects. Connecting people who would not normally meet in meaningful, humanizing dialogue. Catalyzing the curious to participate, innovate, act, and conspire with passion, generosity, empathy, and ingenuity.

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What does it mean to be american?

What does it mean to be american?

Even if it’s just a dinner, or a conversation with a small group, or a huge exhibit or big party, you’re impacting lives, in small and big ways and it’s so meaningful. I truly admire your persistence at building bridges and communities.
— Sherin Koshy

Current Projects

Blueberries + Cherries

Blueberries + Cherries invites politically diverse guests to break bread and talk to each other face-to-face over a home cooked meal. The goal: to understand the things that influence our votes and to find ways to bridge the vast ideological gap that plagues our country. We engage in civil discourse that is unfiltered by the lens of political punditry and by the anonymity and bias of social media. designs temporary creative placemaking projects that bring people together who might not normally meet to engage in dialogue and meaningful interaction. Fueled by the transformative power of art, the we construct human-centered activations in inspiring environments that facilitate connections between neighbors, reinforce community bonds, and strengthen relationships. offers a weekly subscriber-based email containing our picks for off-the-beaten-path arts and culture events, exhibitions, and happenings around DC. We also regularly offer free and discounted tickets to things. Advertisers wishing to access culturally curious Washington-area residents may purchase ads and promotion through Pink Line social media channels.