A few things to know about Philippa


Many projects have been created, promoted, and inspired through you!
— Irene Clouthier

A few things she has written:

A few talks she has given:

  • Creative Placemaking For All” | Tom Tom Summit | April 10, 2019.

  • "Measuring Social Placemaking One Conversation At a Time" | Placemaking Week 2017 Amsterdam | October 12, 2017.

  • "Seeing Your Way to Civil Discourse" | TEDxAmericanUniversity | June 22, 2017.

  • "Sparks Creativity Connects Roundtable" | June 6, 2017.

  • "Creative Placemaking: SEE/CHANGE" | DC Ideas Fest | May 5, 2017.

  • "Call To Community" | VisionDC Arts and Urban Innovation Summit | April 24, 2017.

  • "Promoting Civil Discourse By Reaching Across the Political Divide" | School of International Service, American University | April 19, 2017.

  • "Creating Compassion and Empathy Through Art" | St. John's Norwood Adult Forums | February 12, 2017.

  • "SEE/CHANGE: How Portraiture Can Increase Empathy and Spark Dialogue” | National Portrait Gallery Lunchbag Seminars | February 9, 2017.

  • “Reimagining Real Estate as a Catalyst for Community Development” | City First Foundation “Commerce, Culture, and Community Investment” Conference | October 5, 2016.

A few articles that have been written about her:

  • Big Ideas For Better Places Podcast, "Philippa Hughes: Experimental Art & Social Placemaking," with Bradley Stephens (January 23, 2018).

  • CityLab, “Encouraging Neighbors to See Eye To Eye,” by Jessica Leigh Hester (November 17, 2016).

  • Bmore Art, "US + THEM = U.S.: Finding Common Ground In a Divided Nation," by Michael Iacovone (February 9 ,2017).

  • Origin Magazine, “100 Top Creatives” (March/April 2015).

  • Metro Connection on WAMU 88.5, “Philippa Hughes: A D.C. Artist Living Like Her Hair Is On Fire,” by Rebecca Sheir (January 24, 2014.)

  • The Washington Post, “Together, Patron and Artist Endure a Live-In, Week-Long Performance Art Project,” by Kriston Capps (May 16, 2011).

  • Capitol File, “Home Story, An Art Lover’s Sanctuary,” by Jackie Kucinich (May 4, 2011).

  • Washington City Paper, “The Philippa Collection,” by Kriston Capps (October 22, 2010).

  • Southern Living, “Insider’s Guide to Buying Art for Less,” by Christie Findlay (September 2010).

  • BBC World News America, “Why art galleries are embracing the internet,” by Jane O’Brien (September 9, 2010).

  • Town & Country, “A Monumental Change,” by Annie Groer (November 2009).

  • The Washington Post, “’08 Fall Arts Preview: The Cultural Crowd’s Refreshing Faces: Remaking the Scene,” by Lavanya Ramanathan (September 14, 2008).

A few art projects she has imagined and produced: 

  • Hello, Neighbor! Video portraits capturing the spirit of the Southwest neighborhood through storytelling and memory sharing.

  • A (GOOD) AMERICAN) Art exhibit in which seven artists examined the immigrant experience in America and examined what it means to be a good American. The artists used the interior and exterior spaces of the Heurich House Museum, the historic home of 19th century German immigrant Christian Heurich, as backdrop and inspiration.

  • The Van Ness Social Club A new-fashioned town square and social gathering where millennial and elderly neighbors can get to know each other in dance and unexpected social interaction.

  • IF YOU LIVED HERE An interactive, site-specific installation that explores the meaning of home through personal reflection and within historical and archaeological context.

  • Us + Them = U.S. Finding Common Ground In a Divided Nation A co-curated visual response to the division our country faces, in which artists and activists examine and investigate our nation’s current political and cultural rift and explore how we can find a collective understanding through contemporary art-making methods

  • SEE/CHANGE Temporary creative pacemaking video art and community engagement project that put a human face on how population change and revitalization are affecting the Park View and Pleasant Plains neighborhoods of lower Georgia Avenue.

  • Supernova International performance art festival over three days throughout the streets and underused spaces of Rosslyn, Virginia.

  • LUMEN8Anacostia: Temporary arts and culture festival in underutilized spaces.

  • Cherry Blast I, II, III, IV, and V Annual alternative, multi-media art and music events in raw spaces throughout DC. An official event of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

  • White Party Art, dance, games, and technology in an interactive experience at The Phillips Collection.

  • North Capitol Main Street Art Walk Summer-long showcase of sculptures placed in front yards of residences along a main street in the Bloomingdale neighborhood.

  • ZestFest Pop-up performing arts sidewalk festival over 10 days.

A few organizations she has supported:

A few honors that have been bestowed on her:

  • Washington City Paper Best Arts Blog.

  • Aspen Ideas Festival Scholar.

  • The Washington Post’s Favorite D.C. Arts Tweeter.

  • DC Humanities Council, Distinguished Service to Humanities Award.